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Full-Stack js Designed for javascript lovers
Powerfull & scalable Do more with less code

Why you'll love it

awesome features

Full javascript

Sonate Framework is based on a Node.js server. Code your app front to back with a single language. Easily include your favorite javascript libraries or node modules to your project.

Symfony 2

The framework structure is voluntarily very close to a PHP Symfony 2 Framework. Learning Sonate for those who are already familiar with Symfony 2 will not take more than an hour.


Very powerfull & very light framework with a great server response. On top of that, the native integration of real-time services will enable developers to build large web applications in no time.

Get started

Just a few steps to run your first Sonate project

  • Download the latest version of Sonate Framework
  • Make sure you have Node.js installed on your machine
  • Run in your console $ node app.js

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